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Our website www.animalparadise.org is a non-profit design studio to create digital, interactive, educational programs for children and their teachers.

All programs are created in collaboration with our talented designing staff and knowledgeable advisory board.
We are also affiliated with www.e-syllabus.org for educaters.

The main features of our interactive programs have animal theme in common.

It is because animal characters are so familiar to children as to invite them into a different world and get them to have vicarious experience. Children can learn new things easily through those experiences by using fully their imagination.

Our interactive educational programs are based on literature and are varied in range: poetry, folktales, picture-storybook, to paper folding.

Our studio is located in New York and is under the direction of chief animator, Miyuki Kumasaka.

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(class mission)

Miss Snow is a reading / writing teacher at Animal Paradise PS.

Her class objective is to develop reading and writing skills through literature appreciation.

Students are full of curiosity and wonder. Reading good books is one of the best ways to expand their interests, to stimulate their imagination, and to make them find their own voice to express themselves.

This class exhibition is their first effort to introduce themselves in their own written words.